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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are your sewing patterns Cut or Uncut?  Most of my sewing patterns are Uncut. If they are Cut, it will

be clearly stated in the listing.

2.  What Condition can I expect the sewing patterns to be in? 
Some, but not all envelopes shows wear (may or may not be wrinkled, flaps may be missing, some may have tears,       some may have writing, some may have stickers on them, some may be discolored, some may have odors) etc. My stock is stored in a smoke and pet free warehouse in plastic containers. My office is located in a smoke free, but not pet free home.  My fur kids are all seniors now and really have no interest in helping me anymore.

3.  Do your sewing patterns come with Instructions?
Almost all my sewing patterns come with instructions on sizing, how much fabric to purchase, what notions you will need to purchase, how to lay out your fabric, and basic sewing instructions. Information needed can be found on the back of the sewing pattern envelope and on instruction sheets included with the sewing pattern.

Some patterns may actually be missing the instruction sheet or envelope, but that would be clearly stated in the listing.

4.  How old is a Vintage Sewing Pattern?
That's a Great Question.  I think any sewing pattern over 20 years old is a vintage pattern. I love older patterns and older designs. Sizing is smaller, so you have to be sure you check the measures prior to making your purchase. Just because a design is vintage, doesn't mean it is out of style. Vintage and Retro Designs are the Bomb.

5.  When do you ship?
We normally ship on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

6.  Do you sell anywhere else?
     Yes, I also have a shop on etsy under the same name 2manysewingpatterns.